Serrano (2 days)

Serrano River & Serrano Glacier

Serrano (2 days)

Bernardo O’higgins National Park


Day 1  

Distance: 26 Mi / Paddling Time: 6 – 7 Hours

Early in the morning, we’ll pick you up at your hotel in a private transportation, and we’ll head to Serrano river´s shore. (1.5 hrs. aprox) We will load the kayaks and make last preparations for the day. The guide will give you a brief explanation of safety and instructions for paddling efficiently, details about the route, weather and river conditions.

We’ll start paddling Serrano River till Serrano waterfall (1.5 hrs). Here, we will carry the Kayaks for about 100 meters to avoid it. We´ll keep paddling through the Serrano River, in our journey to Serrano Glacier. We’ll paddle with amazing views of Tyndall Glacier and Geike Range.

We’ll keep going, surrounded by beautiful Coigue and Cypress forests that live in the river shores. Getting closer to the Mount Balmaceda, till we join the waters of Ultima Esperanza Fjord, in these same waters in which the Spanish Sailor Juan Ladrilleros intensely sought an outlet to the Atlantic (1558), from this point we will discover the beautiful view of the Serrano Glacier.

Night at Balmaceda campsite (Facilities: Toilets)

(Snacks, Lunch and Dinner included)

Day 2

Distance: 2 Mi / Paddling time: 1 – 2 Hours

We will portage the kayaks for 50 meters from camp to Serrano Lagoon. We will paddle on it among many Icebergs in front of the Magnificent Serrano Glacier. The first rays of light will give us unique views of this beautiful place. We’ll have until 11:00 am to paddle and to enjoy this ice scenery which is specially protected from strong winds.

Back to our camp, we will pack all the gear and get back to “21 de Mayo” boat, to go back to Puerto Natales. Along the way, we will make a stop at Perales Ranch, where we’ll be delighted with a traditional Magellan Lamb BBQ. After the lunch, we will get to Puerto Bories, where our private transportation will be waiting. We will take you back to your Hotel around 18:30 hours.

(Breakfast, Snacks and Barbecue Lunch included)

Pick up time: 7:30 hrs  Return time: 18:00 hrs

*Sometimes the Lagoon can be blocked with too many pieces of ice, if this is the case; it won’t be possible to paddle in the lake.

* Wind is a very normal factor in Patagonia, if you choose to do this trip, you have to consider that paddling with wind may be a possibllity.



kayak en patagonia map serrano-01


Kayaking Levels:


Level 1 

  • Location: semi-protected waterway with access to shore. (Lakes and rivers with moderate current)
  • Distance per day: 10 to 20 miles
  • Wind: 10 to 25 knots
  • Recommended Paddle Skills: Previous kayaking experience, forward stroke, reverse stroke


 Level 2 

  • Location: semi-protected waterway with access to shore. (Lakes and rivers with moderate current)
  • Distance per day: 20 to 30 miles
  • Wind: 15 to 30 knots
  • Recommended Paddle Skills: forward stroke, reverse stroke, draw and bracing strokes helpful


 Level 3 

  • Location: semi-protected waterway with access to shore. (Lakes and rivers with moderate current)
  • Distance per day: 30 to 50 miles
  • Wind: 20 to 35 knots
  • Recommended Paddle Skills: good balance, bracing, paddling, ability to ferry and cross eddy lines in moderate currents


Physical Levels:  

Easy: Accessible to all people in good health, paddle from 1 -2 hours per day.

Moderate: Accessible to all those in good health, who are doing some sport regularly, 3-5 hours of paddling per day.

Challenging: Suites those that are physically active and have some background in sea kayak. 6-8 hours of paddling per day.


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