Grey (1 day)

Grey Glacier’s Icebergs and Grey River

Grey (1 day)

Torres del Paine National Park


Private transportation will be provided from your hotel/hostel to the shores of Grey Lake, located in Torres del Paine National Park. The journey will carry you 67 Mi north or Puerto Natales via the new road, which provides southern access to the park.

While enjoying the view of Paine Grande and Glacier Grey, our guide will give a brief explanation of safety and instructions for paddling efficiently.  You will navigate the lake for approximately 1.5 hours, all the while paddling through floes of ice that have descended from Glacier Grey. These icebergs are scattered throughout the lake and are sculpted into incredible shapes by the wind and sun, before being pushed to the shores of the lake.

During the entire navigation, we will have an amazing view of the magnificent Paine Massif; including Paine Grande, the Cordillera Olguin, and Los Cuernos (The Horns of Paine). These mountains, together with the multiple tones of turquoise water, make for a perfect contrast with the enormous walls of granite and sedimentary rock.

After paddling in Grey Lake, we will begin the descent of Grey River. The river serpents through deep canyons with steep rock faces, creating sections of rapids that are exciting and entertaining. We will have the opportunity to appreciate many different species of aquatic birds that inhabit the river.

We will continue to paddle next to the Paine Massif for 15 Mi, the length of Grey River until it joins with the turquoise water of the Serrano River.  After paddling for 3 – 4 hours, the adventure comes to an end at Serrano Village.

Private transportation is provided for your return to Puerto Natales.

(Lunch and Snacks included)

Pick up time: 7:30 hrs  Return time: 19:00 hrs

* Wind is a very normal factor in Patagonia, if you choose to do this trip, you have to consider that paddling with wind may be a possibllity.

* If the wind is too strong, it will not be possible to enter to the Iceberg Zone. If this is the case, we will only paddle the whole Grey River (which is sheltered from wind)


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Kayaking Levels:


Level 1 

  • Location: semi-protected waterway with access to shore. (Lakes and rivers with moderate current)
  • Distance per day: 10 to 20 miles
  • Wind: 10 to 25 knots
  • Recommended Paddle Skills: Previous kayaking experience, forward stroke, reverse stroke


 Level 2 

  • Location: semi-protected waterway with access to shore. (Lakes and rivers with moderate current)
  • Distance per day: 20 to 30 miles
  • Wind: 15 to 30 knots
  • Recommended Paddle Skills: forward stroke, reverse stroke, draw and bracing strokes helpful


 Level 3 

  • Location: semi-protected waterway with access to shore. (Lakes and rivers with moderate current)
  • Distance per day: 30 to 50 miles
  • Wind: 20 to 35 knots
  • Recommended Paddle Skills: good balance, bracing, paddling, ability to ferry and cross eddy lines in moderate currents


Physical Levels:  

Easy: Accessible to all people in good health, paddle from 1 -2 hours per day.

Moderate: Accessible to all those in good health, who are doing some sport regularly, 3-5 hours of paddling per day.

Challenging: Suites those that are physically active and have some background in sea kayak. 6-8 hours of paddling per day.


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Kayaking Level


Physical Level


Kayak Distance

18 Mi

Paddling time

4 - 5 Hours